Rosition Participation terms and rules

Participation terms and rules

1. Definition

The following statements are defined in this article as follows:

1.1 Application for participation: An application form with these Terms and the details of the project;

1.2. Applicants: individuals, companies or other entities specified in the application for participation;

1.3. Terms: The terms of these terms;

1.4. Contract: These Terms and The Application for Participation;

1.5. Exhibition: The exhibition sponsored by the organizer sits involved in the application for exhibition;

1.6. Fees: The application requirements for participation shall be paid by the exhibitor for the project;

1.7. Force Majeure: any event outside the reasonable control of the Sponsor (including, but not limited to, damage to the site, labor disputes, government regulations or acts, military acts, the spread of infectious diseases, fires, floods, disasters, failure of third-party contractors/suppliers to perform, civil unrest, terrorist activities or war);

1.8. Intellectual Property: Trademarks, logos, font sizes, design rights, copyrights, database rights and all other intellectual property rights,  whether or not such rights are registered in any country or region;

1.9. Inverman Group: any entity whose ultimate parent company is Informa  plc; 

1.10. Manual: The Handbook provided by the Organizer to the Exhibitor on the Exhibition (including updates from time to time by the Sponsor);

1.11. Information: All information and information, including but not limited to logos, images and presentations, requested by the Exhibitor for sponsoring purposes;

1.12.  Organizer : Informa Tianyi Exhibition (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.,  address is: 1022 Weston Federal Building, 19 Weston Road, Chengdu People's Road, Sichuan Province, p.m. 510335. 

1.13. Owners: site owners and/or property managers;

1.14. Projects: booths and/or sponsorships related to the exhibition application;

1.15. China: People's Republic of China;

1.16. Booth: The booth assigned to the exhibitor is stated in the application for exhibition;

1.17. Sponsorship: Sponsorship projects specified in the application for participation;

1.18. Venues: venues for the exhibition;

2. Projects

The Exhibitor may not withdraw the application for participation after submitting an application to the Organiser. The sponsor has the right to refuse the application for participation. Binding contracts will only take effect after the Sponsor (by e-mail or otherwise) sends a written confirmation letter to the Exhibitor.



3.1. Exhibitors shall pay for the use of the liquidated funds in accordance with the terms of payment in the application for participation. Sponsor shall not be liable if the Exhibitor pays the fee to a bank account other than the payment account specifically designated by the Exhibitor to the Exhibitor. Sponsor shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the Exhibitor as a result of third-party fraud, including, but not limited to, false information, identity theft and other fraud involving changes in bank accounts. If the Exhibitor receives any notification of the change of the Bank account designated by the Sponsor, the Exhibitor shall confirm the authenticity of such notice directly to the Sponsor. Without prejudice to other rights or compensation that sponsor may enjoy, Sponsor reserves the right to: (i) refuse to represent the Exhibitor and its employees and their representatives at the Exhibition if the Sponsor does not receive a fee paid to the Sponsor's designated bank account using the liquidated funds prior to the payment period;  

3.2 Unless stated in the application for exhibition, the Exhibitor shall be liable for all relevant taxes (including but not limited to sales tax, value added tax, service tax or withholding tax, hereinafter referred to as "taxes" and taxes).

4. General obligations of exhibitors

4.1. Exhibitors are subject to (i) all laws (including, but not limited to, those relating to anti-bribery, anti-corruption or trade sanctions); (ii) instructions made by the Sponsor or the Owner (including, but not limited to, requirements relating to health and safety or security); and (iii) the provisions of the Manual (if any), including, but not limited to, any rules, regulations and operating requirements in the Manual.

4.2. Exhibitor Warrants:(i) exhibitors have the right to enter into this contract and to fulfil their obligations under this contract, and (ii) the person who signs this contract on behalf of the Exhibitor has the necessary authority.

4.3. Exhibitors and their employees and their representatives shall not:       (i) take acts that cause offence, annoyance or inconvenienceto the Sponsor, the Owner or other persons participating in the Exhibition;  iii) Damage or sit and watch others damage the site, facility or installation.

4. 4. Exhibitors should have enough insurance for participation in the exhibition.  

4.5. The Exhibitor is solely responsible for obtaining the passport, visa and other necessary documents required to enter the country of the exhibition. If the Exhibitor, his or her employees and their representatives are unable to attend the fair due to the failure to obtain the above documents, the full payment shall be paid.

4.6. Exhibitor agrees to publish Exhibitor information on  (i) in the Exhibition Guide and other exhibition promotional materials, and (ii) on   the exhibition website. The Sponsor shall not be liable for any errors that may arise.  Exhibitors agree to have their employees and their representatives agree to inform the construction company designated or recommended by the relevant owner or organizer of the exhibition, if necessary, of their personal information (i.e. contact  information).  

4.7. The exhibition may not be photographed, recorded or photographed without permission, and audio or video material may not be disseminated.  Exhibitors agree to :(i) exhibition cameras, recordings and photographs may be taken by Exhibitor employees and their representatives, and (ii) the Sponsor may use such cameras, recordings or photographs for promotional and other purposes anywhere in the world.


5.Specific provisions on booths

5.1. Organizers reserve the right to change the exhibition floor plan or booth details at any time in the manner they deem best for the exhibition. If the size of the booth is reduced, the exhibitors shall be refunded pro rata for the fee payable for the booth.

5.2. The Organizer agrees that the Exhibitor will use the booth for the purpose of displaying the exhibits at the exhibition. Such use does not constitute a lease and the exhibitor  does not have any other rights or interests in the booth.  Exhibitors are only allowed to conduct commercial events at their booths and may not solicit customers in other areas of the venue. 

5.3. Exhibitor commitments:(i) make appropriate arrangements for booths prior to the opening of the exhibition;(ii) always ensure that the booth is staffed and properly furnished during the exhibition (if the above requirements are not met, the Sponsor shall have the right to make the appropriate arrangements in accordance with the above requirements and without liability, risks and expenses are borne by the Exhibitor); and (iii) The booth will not be closed before the closing of the exhibition. 

5.4. Exhibitors may only display exhibits that are uniquely relevant to the Exhibitor's commercial activities. If the Sponsor determines that any exhibit violates the law, infringes the intellectual property rights of the third party, may commit a crime against another person or violates the provisions of this Section, he shall have the right to remove such exhibits without liability.

5. 5. Only if the sponsor expressly agrees in the application for exhibition to build the basic facilities for the exhibitor's booth in the booth, the organizer shall do so. Exhibitors are the sole responsible for booth layout and brand presentation related work. 

5.6. Unless Article 5.5 applies, the Exhibitor is the sole person responsible for the construction of booths (including, but not limited to, infrastructure and booth building, branding and layout). 

5.7. Exhibitors may not share booths with any third party without the prior written permission of the Sponsor. If the Exhibitor is licensed to share the booth with others, the Exhibitor shall still be responsible for all booths and shall be held responsible for any breach of the provisions of this Contract by any person who shares the booth with him.

5.8. In the event of a breach of this contract or any act that may endanger the safety of the exhibition or visitor, the Sponsor reserves the right to close the Exhibitor's booth without liability.


6.Specific provisions on sponsorship

6.1. Exhibitor shall:(i) provide the Sponsor with all information within the time limit specified  by the Sponsor and (ii) comply with the Sponsor's request for the information. If the Exhibitor fails to provide information within the time limit or fails to comply with the information requirements,  the Sponsor reserves the right to refuse to print or use any or all of the materials (the full cost of the sponsorship shall still be paid in full). 

6.2. Exhibitors should ensure that :(i) all information is accurate and complete, and  (ii) all information does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party. 

6.3. The Sponsor shall not be  liable  for any errors, omissions or misreferences that may arise in the production of any material containing the material.  All materials  should be approved by the Sponsor. The organizer shall make reasonable efforts to provide sponsorship in accordance with the scale, location and manner of the exhibiting  request,  but shall not be liable for the reasonable adjustment of the relevant relationship. 

6.4. Exhibitors in the production of exhibition-related materials,  licensethed organizers in a non-exclusive and non-chargeable use of the materials and exhibitor information. The Exhibitor acknowledges that, in view of the time and cost of preparing the above materials, after the termination of this contract, the Sponsor may continue to use the materials and Exhibitor's information as appropriate after the termination of this contract, if the Organizer has acted reasonably in the circumstances and costs of removing such information from the relevant materials of the Exhibition. 

6.5. If The Exhibitor violates this contract, Sponsor reserves the right not to use the materials or to provide any part of the sponsorship, and is not liable for it.


7. Exhibition certificates for visitors, representatives and exhibitor employees or subcontractors

Visitors Visit Certificates and/or Representatives Of the Participants Apply the relevant terms and conditions established by the Sponsor to the Visitors and/or  Representatives from time to time. The employees or subcontractors of the Exhibitor who work at the exhibition, whichever applies, will receive  the exhibition certificate, and such employees and subcontractors will be required to present such exhibition certificates at  the exhibition. If any person does not hold a valid exhibition certificate,  the organizer may refuse entry to that person. The exhibition certificate  shall only be used by the person who obtained the document.

8.Restrictions on rights

Exhibitors' rights to the exhibition are limited to those set out in the project. Exhibitors may post on their website the facts of their participation in the exhibition, which include, but are not limited to, a link to the website of the exhibition, but the Sponsor may at any time request the Exhibitor to delete such promotional information, and the Exhibitor shall immediately meet the requirement. Exhibitors may not  (i) exercise their rights in connection with the exhibition for commercial purposes,(ii) create a website for the exhibition,  (iii) promote or promote their relationship with the exhibition or the sponsor in other forms, but  Except with the prior written consent of the Sponsor. This contract does not give exhibitors any rights or licenses to use the intellectual property rights of the Inverman Group.


9. Change the show

Sponsor reserves the right at any time to make reasonable changes to the form, content, place and time of the Exhibition on the basis of any thing without liability. If the Sponsor makes such changes, the Contract will remain binding on both parties, provided that the Project is amended as necessary to reflect such changes.  


10. Cancel the exhibition and change the date of the exhibition

10.1 The Sponsor reserves the right to cancel or change the date of the exhibition at any time on any basis, including, but not limited to,  an event deemed by the Sponsor to be unfeasible, inappropriate or impractical to host the exhibition.

10.2. If the date of the exhibition changes, or if the exhibition is cancelled in the current year but the Organizer reasonablely expects that the exhibition will be held in the following year, this contract will remain in force and the obligations of both parties shall remain obligations to the originally planned exhibition for the exhibition to be held on other dates (or the exhibition to be held next year, whichever applies). For the sake of clarity, Exhibitors may not refuse to pay for the payment terms set out in the Exhibitor application for the purpose of this Section 10.2.  

10.3. If the exhibition is cancelled and the Sponsor reasonably expects that the exhibition will not be held in the following year, the terms of this Section 10.3 apply:

10.3.1. If the exhibition is not cancelled due to a force majeure event (if cancelled due to force majeure, Section 10.3.2 applies), this contract shall be terminated, neither party shall be liable, and the exhibitor's fee paid will be  refunded, and the Exhibitor will not be required to pay the rest of the outstanding portion of the payment;

10.3.2. If the Exhibition is cancelled due to force majeure, this contract shall be terminated and neither party shall be liable, provided   that(i) the Sponsor has the right to retain 50%of the total amount of the retained fee from the portion of the fee paid(the   "modified  fee"). Or, in the event that the fee has not been paid or the portion of the fee paid is less than the revised fee, the Sponsor shall have the right to issue a bill for the full or balance of the modified fee (whichever applies) which shall be paid immediately, and  (ii) the Exhibitor may request a refund of the remaining amount after the portion of the fee has been deducted from the modified fee, and the Exhibitor will not have to pay the remaining amount. The remaining unpaid portion of the fee.

10.4. The Exhibitor acknowledges that the compensation measures enjoyed by the Exhibitor in this Article 10 are the only compensation measures  for the Exhibitor in the event of the cancellation of the exhibition or the change of the date of the exhibition, and that all other liabilities of the Sponsor are expressly waived.


11. Exhibitors do not have the right to be lifted

The Exhibitor has no right to request the cancellation of the applied item, and the Exhibitor does not have the right to terminate this contract. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in this contract, the fee shall always be paid in full and will not be refunded as soon as it is paid.


12. Termination

12.1. The Sponsor shall have the right to terminate this contract immediately by written notice to the  Exhibitor in the event of (i) a serious breach of any obligation under this contract or any other agreement between the Sponsor group and any other agreement between the Sponsor group and (in the event that such breach may be remedied) within 14 days of receipt of the breach in writing (or for a shorter period of time (but for such period enough to enable such breach to be breached before the exhibition is held); No longer engaged in business or encountered any similar incidents. Without affecting any other rights or compensation measures enjoyed by the Sponsor, if the Sponsor terminates this contract in accordance with This Article 12.1, the Sponsor does not have to refund any fees collected from the Exhibitor, and the Sponsor has the right to issue a bill for the balance (or full amount of the fee, whichever applies) and the bill shall be payable immediately due.

12.2. The Sponsor may, by written notice to the Exhibitor, immediately terminate this contract without any liability: (i) the Project Terms for the Exhibitor are independently determined to be inconsistent with the best interests of the Exhibition and/or (b) are not in the interests of the Exhibition, and/or (ii) may not (a) engage in transactions with,000 individuals and/or entities in accordance with applicable laws or instructions of any financial institution. If the Sponsor terminates this contract in accordance with this Section 12.2, any portion of the fee paid will be refunded and the Exhibitor will not be required to pay the remaining unpaid portion of the fee. The Exhibitor acknowledges that  the refund of the shares paid in the fee is the only compensation measure for the Exhibitor in the event of the Cancellation of this Contract by the Organizer in accordance with This Contract, and that all other liabilities of the Sponsor are expressly waived.  

12.3. After the termination of this  contract, the Sponsor shall have the right to remove the Exhibitor's booth, require the Exhibitor's employees and other representatives to leave the exhibition, cover up any information, remove any exhibits or other property of the Exhibitor and send it to the Exhibitor's address (the risks and costs arising therefrom are at the exhibitor's). Sponsor may freely resell any part of the Project in such manner as it deems appropriate.

Articles 6.4, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 shall remain in force after the termination of this contract.


13.Liability and compensation

13.1. The Sponsor generally makes no warranty for the Exhibition or Project (including, but not limited to, the following):   (i) the presence, non-attendance or location of any other exhibitor, sponsor or exhibition visitor, or  (ii) the exhibitor may obtain (commercially or otherwise)  as a result of the trade show. benefits or results.  To the extent permitted by law, sponsor excludes all  conditions, terms, representations and warranties for exhibitions and projects that are not expressly stated in this Contract.

13.2. If the Exhibitor suffers or causes any loss or damage to the Exhibitor as a result of any goods or services provided by a third party to the Trade Fair  and/or the Project (including, but not limited to, the provision of utilities, freight, material transportation/  delivery and services by third party contractors or owners), the Sponsor shall not be liable to the Exhibitor for  such loss or damage.  . The Exhibitor confirms that the  services provided to the Exhibitor by a contractor approved by or recommended by  the Sponsor are subject to separate agreements between the Exhibitor and the relevant contractor.

13.3. Under the specification of Article 13.5: (i) the Sponsor shall not be liable for any indirect loss,   loss of profits, loss of business, loss of opportunity, loss of goodwill, any other type of economic loss, or (b) loss (theft) or injury or injury or injury to the person and property, and  (ii) The total amount of  liability incurred by the Sponsor to the Exhibitor under this Contract or other cause shall not exceed the total amount of fees paid to the Exhibitor under this contract or other matters.

13.4. If (i) any act or omission of the Exhibitor, the Exhibitor, the Exhibitor's employees, its representative or the subcontractor causes any property damage or personal injury, and (ii) (a) the Exhibitor displays any exhibits or  (b) the Exhibitor's display of any exhibits or (b) the Exhibitor's  information at the exhibition, which infringes the intellectual property rights  of any third party The  Exhibitor shall compensate the Sponsor in the event of any loss, damage or expense incurred or incurred by the Sponsor as a result of a third party claim.  

13.5. This Provision does not exclude or limit any liability that may not be excluded or restricted in accordance with applicable law.

14.General provisions

14.1. The Sponsor reserves the right to refuse any person to enter the exhibition at any time or to ask any person to leave the exhibition.

14.2. Sponsors, owners, and their respective employees, their representatives or subcontractors may enter the Site to perform operations, repair or alteration, or perform such acts as they deem necessary ("Jobs").    Sponsor (and its employees, their representatives and subcontractors) shall not be liable for any damage, loss or inconvenience suffered or arising from any matters relating to the Operation by the Exhibitor or its employees or their representatives as a result of any matters relating to the Operation.

14.3.  Without any effect on Section 10.3.2, if the Delay or Failure of the Sponsor's Obligations under this Contract is caused by a Force Majeure Event, the Delay of  the Sponsor's  Performance or Failure to Perform does not constitute a breach of the Contract and the Sponsor is not required to Delay in performance or non-performance of  any liability. For the sake of clarity, The Exhibitor shall not pay the expenses under this Contract as a result of this Section 14.3.  

14.4. If there is any conflict between these Terms and the application for participation, the terms set forgrantin the application for participation shall prevail.

14.5. This contract constitutes a complete agreement between the parties for the exhibition.   Any changes made to this contract  shall be valid only if signed in writing by both parties.

14.6. The Exhibitor may not transfer or subcontract any rights or duties under this contract without the prior written consent of the Sponsor. The Sponsor shall have the right to grant any rights under this contract to any member  of the Inverman Group, and such transfer shall not require the consent of the Exhibitor. The Sponsor reserves the right to  subcontract any obligation under this contract to any member of the Inverman Group or to any third-party contractor who provides assistance  to the Sponsor at the exhibition exhibition;  

14.7. Neither party has exercised any right, power or compensation measure and shall not be regarded as a waiver of such rights, powers or compensation measures.

14.8. If any provision of this contract becomes invalid, such provision shall be deemed to have been amended to the minimum necessary limit so that such provision severs shall be valid . In accordance with this 14. Article 8 The validity or enforceability of any other provision of this contract shall not be affected in any case of amendment or deletion of any provision.  

14.9. This contract applies to Chinese law. Any dispute arising out of or relating to this contract shall be under the jurisdiction of the Chinese courts.