Rosition Lighting Exhibition

Lighting Exhibition


Interior decoration lighting (decorative lighting, lamps):chandeliers, lanterns, floor lamps, background lights, table lamps, wall lamps, Christmas decorative lights, modern and traditional lighting;

Building commercial lighting: outdoor/street lighting, office and factory lighting, building lighting, engineering lighting, stadium lighting, gardens, public lighting, automotive lighting, explosion-proof, emergency lighting, industrial and mining lighting, etc.

LED lighting: LED lamps, LED materials, chips, extension slots and components, LED packages, modules, appliances and finished products, LED equipment, instruments, LED drive control and power supply, LED lighting applications, LED display, backlight, etc.

Lighting light source and accessories: LED light source, LED module, LED light box, light bar, guardrail tube, neon, controller switch, transformer, reflectlight, dimmer, lamp frame, light bulb parts, etc.

Lighting technology/design/service: energy management, energy quality testing services, lighting design services, lighting design software, lighting testing systems, lighting technology, lighting control technology, logistics and traffic lighting, technical lighting applications and solutions, wireless lighting management system, etc.

Smart home applications: smart home products, visual intercom systems, intelligent lighting control, home security systems, HVAC control systems, new wind control systems, building equipment monitoring systems, energy management systems, etc.

Past exhibitors