Rosition Review

Kunpeng Award · Award Presentation Ceremony of the 2nd China Interior Design Competition and "Design

Time: April 17, 2019 14:00-18:00

Venue: Hall C, Hall 9

Guidance unit: Sichuan Province Office of Economy and Information Technology

                         China Interior Decoration Association

Organizers: Guizhou Provincial Interior Decoration Association, Hunan Interior Decoration Association, Hubei Province Interior Decoration Association, Xinjiang Interior Decoration Industry Association, Jiangxi Province Interior Decoration Association, Shaanxi Province Interior Decoration Association, Sichuan Interior Decoration Association, Yunnan Interior Design Industry Association, Sichuan Light Industry Designers Federation, Chengdu Interior Decoration Industry Association

Co-sponsored by the Indoor Decoration Association of eight provinces in the Midwest, the competition is aimed at collecting works from all over the world since its launch on December 1 last year, and has received contributions from 7,836 designers from all over the country, with a total of 13,552 works, including 264 works by designers from Hong Kong and Taiwan. 50 senior industry experts composed of the jury team, uphold the principle sjusting, fairness, openness, after the initial evaluation, review, final evaluation, publicity and other rounds of the selection process, the final 400 winners stand out, the strength of the designer show, award ceremony on-site award-winning designers, senior judges, outstanding materials, such as more than 800 people to the scene,Is China's interior design influence, the highest level of design competition, the exhibition site also won the first 128 works for three days of display!