Rosition Why Visit

Why Visit

Ø   If you are a representative of a trading company, seeking international cooperation, Chengdu Jianbo as the country's first Sino-British joint venture to build building materials Expo, exhibitors and display products more front-end, international;

Ø  If you are a manufacturer representative, Chengdu Jianbo will gather the industrial chain upstream and downstream related enterprises, expand more channels of cooperation;

Ø  If you are a real estate enterprise / decoration company / engineering company representative, seeking materials supplier cooperation, Chengdu Construction Expo 80% is a manufacturer exhibiting, 20% is the Southwest General Generation and Sichuan General Generation Exhibiting, eliminating intermediate costs;

Ø  If you are an industry distributor, seeking product agents, it is expected that 1600 enterprises carry "new materials, new products, new technologies" and preferential investment policies to meet the exhibition, layout of the Midwest, seize the blank space business opportunities;

Ø  If you are a building materials industry practitioners, understand the market,18 years of cultivation, 150,000 m2 exhibition area, 20 plus industry summit forum, for you to present an industry-leading information exchange feast.

Ø  Cheng-Yu high-speed railway 1.5 hours, Xicheng special line 3 hours, Chenggui high-speed rail 3.5 hours, Sichuan in all directions of the highway network, convenient transportation, broad economic hinterland, return to the future, you can communicate with thousands of enterprises, enjoy tens of thousands of new industry products;