Rosition Wall/Ceiling/Floor Material/Soft Decoration exhibition

Wall/Ceiling/Floor Material/Soft Decoration exhibition

Scope of exhibits:

Custom coating: diatom mud, liquid wallpapers, wall coats, latex paints, textured coatings, art coatings, water-based paints, etc.

Top wall integrated customization: integrated ceiling, integrated wall, top wall all-in-one, decorative panel, background wall, screen partition, etc.

Soft custom: wallpaper, wallpaper, leather soft bags, decorative paintings, curtains, fabrics, etc.

Ground materials: wood-plastic flooring, stone flooring, bamboo flooring, etc.

Other and materials: art glass, mosaic, decorative lines, glues, seams, tools, etc.

Wallpaper: PVCplastic wallpaper/ papyrus wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper, sound-absorbing wallpaper, offset wallpaper, velvet wallpaper, fluorescent wallpaper, fiberglass wall cloth, leather, soft bags, hard bags, etc.

Decorative wall materials: diatom mud, liquid wallpapers, wall coats, latex paints, textured coatings, art coatings, water-based paints, etc.

Fabric series: tihua decorative cloth, printed decorative cloth, flame retardant decorative cloth, discolored decorative cloth, decorative cloth, color-woven decorative cloth, craft cloth, electrostatic velvet, hand embroidery, embroidery, cut flowers, embroidery, yarn, glass yarn, laminate yarn, Kogan yarn, glass yarn, snow yarn, etc.

Window collection line: blinds, curtains, Roman curtains, vertical curtains, curtains, open curtains, wooden curtains, grass curtains, electric curtains, craft painting curtains, remote control curtains, PVC curtains, blinds, blinds, organ curtains, water curtains, wisps, invisible curtains, shade, etc.

Carpet series: household carpets, commercial carpets, automotive carpets, exhibition carpets, etc.

Integrated ceiling system: ceiling module, heating module, ventilation module, lighting module, spotlight module, music module, etc.

Integrated wall: aluminum manganese alloy, bamboo fiber, ecological stone, solid wood, nanofibers and other polymer classes, etc.

Ceiling ceiling : aluminum plastic board, aluminum single board, aluminum honeycomb board, glass magnesium board, gypsum board, ceiling suction (proof) sound material, PVC board, fire plate, plastic steel plate, glass plate, solid wood composite board, soft film and ceiling materials, etc.

Supporting products: integrated ceiling lighting system, heating system, ventilation system, music system, steel / aluminum keel and pendant, adhesive and adhesive strip, screws, boom, pendant, edge line, hardware connecting parts and other types of ceiling hardware accessories, etc.

Past exhibitors