Rosition HVAC/Water Purification exhibition

HVAC/Water Purification exhibition

HVAC/Water Purification exhibition:


HVAC product technology: boilers, wall-mounted furnaces and supporting, radiators and supporting, underground heating and supporting, ventilation, air conditioning, solar energy, biomass heating, heat metering and supporting, heat pumps, pumps, valves, fittings, capillaries, radiation ceiling heating.

Smart comfort home products technology: new wind, water purification, air purification, smart home ecosystem, smart home and so on.

Intelligent control category: sensors, thermostats, controllers, actuators, network control systems, wireless control systems, heating control systems, central air conditioning control systems, new air control and air purification control systems, intelligent energy-saving technology and products, control system software and accessories.

Self-control equipment and pump valve tube and other accessories equipment: gas boiler / heat network / air conditioning and heating system automation operation control equipment, burners, gas equipment, waste heat recovery technology and energy-saving and emission reduction technology, gas pipe network system equipment.

Past exhibitors