Rosition Who can become a VIP guest

Who can become a VIP guest

VIP Guest is " CCBD"forindustry suppliers, high-quality buyers of various channels to build high-level communication, promote trade, share the latest industry information of the high-end elite platform. Here, you can first-time with domestic and foreign favorite exhibitors face-to-face exchanges, you can also participate in our industry forums, social events, enjoy the VIP high-end treatment.

Who can be a VIP guest?

If you are from the well-known building materials home industry enterprisessenior managers
if you are from
the well-known building materials home industry distributor / traders

If you are a manager and purchasing person in chargeof a real estate developmentbusiness/decoration company

If you are a purchasing decision maker from an e-commerce/commercial/department store/business super

And the position is: Chairman, General Manager, Purchasing Director/Manager, Executive Director/Manager, Marketing/Marketing Director.

Join the VIP Guest for the bestof all

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Our team will regularly provide you with the new product news, the latest industry information, so that you can understand the industry's new trends and new developments in the first time.