Rosition Assembled Building/Garden Show

Assembled Building/Garden Show

Scope of exhibition:

Integrated housing system: heavy steel housing, mesh frame membrane structure and other structural housing; steel structure interior and exterior panels, slabs, roof panels; steel structure construction and welding technology, energy storage boxes, container houses, container transformation; wooden structure buildings, wooden structure building support; passive housing, modular buildings, tourism and camping leisure housing, activity rooms, activity rooms, New rural housing, residential system.

Assembly buildings: concrete industrial assembly buildings, prefabricated residential, multi-functional concrete component molding production lines,PC residential industrial production lines, prefabricated components, finished piles, laminated walls, aeid concrete slabs, etc.

Integrated residential supporting equipment: light steel keel production and processing machinery, concrete steel processing equipment, fasteners, roof tiles, all kinds of color steel plate reinforcement technology and equipment, die system, sealant, screws, steel structure construction and installation technology and equipment, color coating board, stainless steel plate and other decorative plate products and processing technology and equipment.

Landscape gardening and villa supporting products: wooden villas, combined wooden houses, villa elevators, villas and high-end building materials, villas and high-end building environment art, outdoor landscape wood structure and wood materials, anti-corrosion wood products, wood plastic materials, outdoor leisure furniture, flower gardening products.

Past exhibitors