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A number of custom home enterprises half-year results forecast, to the industry revealed what kind o

Net profit for a number of companies is expected to be profitable, but the growth rate is down significantly from the same period last year, continuing the slowdown in growth since 2018.In order to seek a break-out, custom home enterprises have carried out different layouts both inside and outside.



On July 10, the gold cabinet first released the first half of 2019 results, the express report shows that the first half of the revenue of 785 million yuan, up 22.14% YoY;

Subsequently, a number of custom home enterprises have released the first half of the results of the forecast. Among them, in terms of net profit of the mother, Shangpin home distribution is expected to make a profit of 148 million yuan to 173 million yuan, up 20% to 40% YoY;

I Le Home is expected to make a profit of RMB41.7913 million to RMB457.714 million, an increase of 110% to 130% YoY


The comparison shows that the growth rate of net profit of a number of enterprises has declined significantly.

In the first half of 2018, Shangpin home distribution achieved a net profit of 123 million yuan, up 87.46 percent yoy; top solid set creation achieved a net profit of 24.27 million yuan, up 352.04 percent yoy; and gold cabinet swastorian net profit of 61.2981 million yuan, up 32.53 percent year-on-year.

Reporters have previously combed the overall performance of the home industry since 2018, overall, the performance of custom home enterprises in the first half of 2019, continuing the slowdown in growth since 2018.


Hu Zhongxin, secretary-general of the China Home Building Materials Decoration Association, pointed out that "the channel layout of the giants has been relatively perfect, and it is difficult to achieve a high proportion of growth." But some regional brands, and some market vacancies can be filled, so the growth rate is relatively good."


In order to seek a break-out, custom home enterprises have carried out different layouts both inside and outside.

Inward Breakout

In recent years, into the whole installation market, has become a custom home enterprises in many internal break-out means of more outside attention.

At the end of 2017, Shangpin House launched HOMEKOO integrated cloud, at the beginning of 2018, through the subsidiary to self-financing investment of about 600 million yuan, the construction of a set of "new retail" and "HOMKOO integrated cloud platform" as one of the integrated. 

In May 2018, Sichuan Oupai full-pack home opened, in December of the same year, the gold kitchen cabinet investment to set up a gold orange home. 

To this year, first in March Zhibang home and Qijia network to reach a cooperation for consumers and decoration companies to provide personalized packaging services.A month later, the hospitalist also signed a contract with Qijianet to enter the full-pack market.

It is understood that different enterprises have their own characteristics of the whole assembly business.

Shangpin home with the full-pack cloud, mainly through information, networkand and other means, integration of the supply chain and construction and delivery, for small and medium-sized home improvement companies.

European pie is mainly based on the basis of the whole house customization, home improvement supply chain integration, and home improvement company resources complement each other, to achieve a one-stop space solution.

Zhibang Home and Good Lai guest son, respectively, use their own custom home business, through the Network of Qijia Internet home improvement resources cooperation, through the industry upstream and downstream industrial chain, the formation of a platform overlay effect.


Guojin Securities pointed out, "100 billion-level custom home market, 10 billion companies are few.

The overall market size of custom cabinets and custom wardrobes exceeds 200 billion yuan, but the 10 billion companies are only one, which is a point of low concentration. Judging from this, the domestic custom home industry concentration can be improved, and at this stage listed enterprises to promote the large home, assembly and other business is conducive to the concentration of promotion."

 However, at present, the custom home enterprise's integrated business for the overall development of the enterprise contribution is still not obvious. According to the annual report, in 2018, the number of home goods home with self-contained installation site delivery of 849, as of the end of the year, homeKOO full-pack cloud membership number has exceeded 1200, but the full-pack business in 2018 performance of 194 million yuan, accounting for only 2.92% of total revenue.

European pie's total revenue in 2018 was about 11.5 billion yuan, but the overall pick-up performance only exceeded 350 million yuan. "Going into the assembly will help with the growth of turnover, but the growth in profits is not necessarily synchronized and is likely to decrease, " Mr Hu said. Because the upfront needs a large amount of financial support, the development process, there will be a lot of invisible cost increases."


Cross-border cooperation

In addition to the home industry within the scope of the break-out, this year, a large breakout action of custom home enterprises is to try to "go out", with home appliances enterprises cross-border cooperation. 

Among them, on May 6, Gree Electric and Sofia held a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation in Zhuhai.It is understood that the two sides will be in product line research and development, integration promotion, intelligent industry 4.0 field and brand joint marketing and other aspects to open in-depth cooperation, to provide consumers with personalized, customized health life solutions, to achieve a win-win situation between Gree, Sofia, consumers.



On May 8, I Le Home and Fangtai Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will be in the stove, smoke machine, microwave oven, oven, steam box, sink dishwasher and other full range of products cooperation, consumers in my Music home store can buy the kitchen needs of Fangtai electrical appliances.

July 9, Zhibang home and energy rate and other foreign electrical brands in Guangzhou Will-Build Expo site to reach strategic cooperation, can rate the follow-up will become Zhibang home in the country's high-end water heater products suppliers.July 10, in recent years has been planning to go public kanoa and Haier smart home appliances to jointly build a "smart kitchen", from marketing channels, product research and development, system parallel, exhibition and other levels of cooperation and resource sharing, the future will jointly create a "smart home."



Prior to this, Vivi custom 2017 with the United States water heater and reach edato strategic cooperation, through the integration of the terminal image, to achieve the terminal upgrade to drive the brand upgrade strategic objectives.At the end of June this year, Shangpin house matching and Wuhan industry and trade reached a cooperation, the two sides will jointly build a home experience pavilion, with the help of the resources of both sides, mutual drainage, mutual ability.

Wang Jianguo, China Home/Design Internet Strategy Expert and CEO of Shenzhen Oil Pine Design Wencheng Park, believes that "the cooperation between custom home enterprises and home appliance enterprises can be seen as a positive attempt to lay out smart homes, which means that enterprises begin to upgrade from channel orientation to product orientation." Cooperation with home appliance enterprises, is conducive to home enterprises from the perspective of products to find a breakthrough, is a positive attempt." "However, as a new field, smart home threshold is very high, the early investment should be more from the height of strategic layout, if from the perspective of simple pursuit of profit to do this thing, not only can not get profit, but also likely to miss the opportunity for long-term layout."Wang Jianguo went on to point out.