Rosition The exhibition focuses on

2019 Chengdu Construction Expo will be successfully concluded, we will meet again next year!

Hosted by 23 industry associations/societies such as China Building Materials Circulation Association (CBMCA) and Sichuan Interior Decoration Association, 2019 19th Chengdu China Building and Decoration Materials Exposition, hosted by Infuman TianYi Exhibition (Chengdu) Co., Ltd., was successfully concluded on April 19 at the International Expo City in Western China.

2019 Chengdu Construction Expo will be successfully concluded, we will meet again next year!(图1)

According to incomplete statistics of the organizing committee, the number of visitors to chengdu construction fair in three days reached 98,764.



As the largest, most influential and long-standing industry event in the central and western regions, the visitors brought new products, new processes, new technologies, new trends, new cooperation, triggered a higher degree of concern, detonated more new trend points, the exhibition site popularity burst, forum activities are full of seats, trade talks full of return.






Large home installation industry flagship exhibition, brand convergence to lead the trend

This exhibition hall division using the "10-1" model, that is, 10 product exhibition halls and 1 forum event hall, the exhibition hall division is more detailed, the exhibition scope is more rich. Covers system doors and windows, custom home, kitchen electricity, wall materials, floor decoration materials, building materials, integrated residential, landscape, smart home, bathroom, HVAC new wind, including Xuer doors and windows, tasting doors and windows, Meiper doors and windows, Arant doors and windows, gold-scented doors and windows, large front door, Raphael doors and windows, European doors and windows, Australian color, Jinmaeda, Step up, Zhengxi glass, Itles, Yunjia, Jinlang, Aetna, Changsheng, Meibejia, 3D home, cool jiale, Jane Pai haomen, aliens, Hongxing Machinery, Linfeng Machinery, LiLian, Bilang, Blue Sky Guinea, Meijia, Emma, Giovanni, Houyi, Yinke, Luban Presde, Huamei, Chengdu Construction, Today, North New House, Sanlian flower wood, Huabang Baohe, Huamei insulation, Guihu waterproof, anaibao, home Chang, Guwei, Bathsa, Cadio, Hyundai, XinDilong, Aurante, Longlock World, Lichen, Jeson, Compaore, Inco Line, Mona Lisa, Wrigley, Hong Kong Ostrich Hong Kong Bathroom, JiaTao Bathroom, Global Island Bathroom, Rong Guan bathroom, woodbath, woodbath, Bai Juyi, Xin Dilong, Mu Siou, European Emperor, Ziguang smart home, Anlet, Zhigao, Taurus, Shuimei, Daberlin, Schneider, Aikang, etc. have appeared, while Chengdu bathroom cabinet industry association, Chengdu Flooring Industry Association, Chengdu Wallpaper Association Alliance, Guangdong Province Window and Window Association, Foshan Industry Association, Guangdong doors and windows supporting the Alliance, Hebei doors and windows industry association doors and windows, Chengdu Metal Structure Industry Association, Chongqing Cabinet Wardrobe Custom Industry Association, Chongqing Furniture Industry Association, Sichuan Province Assembly Building Products Association, Chengdu Building Materials Industry Association, Shopkou Municipal People's Government, Guangdong Gas Chamber of Commerce, Dagang Building Materials Market and other cooperative units are in this exhibition group,Comprehensive display of building materials home industry industry-wide industrial chain, strong to promote the midwest building materials home industry new development.








During the three-day exhibition period, the major booths to and from the visitors endlessly, trade negotiations signed a single newspaper, the organizing committee on-site interactive activities are hot, busy to not







Industry people gather, the exhibition hall popular explosion shed

Three days, the exhibition attracted from Dujiangyan Lejia Square, Chengdu International Trade City, Huachuan Yindi Building Materials City, Zhongrun Yuzhong International Trade City, Jane Yang Yilian International Trade City, Neijiang International Home Trade City, Guang'anchuan Yu Home Building Materials City, Ziyang City Tianyu Market, Yibinjiang County Jinfu Commercial City, Red Star Meikai Longjiang North Mall,Dagang Building Materials City, Mianzhu Evergrande International Trade City, Ziyang City Dover National Furniture City, Red Star Mei Kailong three Taiwan Luzhou shopping malls, such as more than 150 concentrated markets / decorative city to form a strong group of visitors to the exhibition site for trade exchanges professional large home decoration industry visitors to visit.Major booths and seating areas if the city, the main channel and security checkpoint is crowded, the real display of the western home installation industry flagship exhibition strength!

2019 Chengdu Construction Expo will be successfully concluded, we will meet again next year!(图22)

In addition, the exhibition also received the Chongqing Furniture Industry Association, Chongqing Kitchen Wardrobe Custom Association, Chengdu Real Estate Enterprise Development Association, Sichuan Construction Chamber of Commerce, Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce, Sichuan Province Metal Structure Industry Association, Sichuan Interior Decoration Association, Mianyang City Building Materials Decoration Home Chamber of Commerce, Nancheng City Custom Furniture Industry AssociationDeyang City Building Materials Chamber of Commerce, Zhangzhou City Building Decoration Association, Dujiangyan Decoration Association and other more than 70 associations to visit the group, to the high-quality audience of professionalism and high commercial value, so that exhibitors to double the efficiency of exhibitors, access to major exhibitors have been praised.



High-quality, effective industry activities to help the large home installation industry upgrade

2019 19th Chengdu China Building and Decoration Materials Exposition site joint with many national trade associations, mainstream media, design institutes jointly organized 18 and more wonderful activities.Focus on the new situation of the industry, the Midwest building materials home enterprises how to seize the trend of the times, faster to the road of transformation and upgrading, to solve the central and western building materials home enterprises in the development of the most difficult problems, 2019 19th Chengdu China Building and Decoration Materials Exposition to a higher climax!





On-site business matching services fine and thoughtful, and constantly meet the needs of merchants

The exhibition in the 3-4 connection hall set up a trade matching center, VIP area, pre-registered audience seating area and other functional areas, for the vast number of customers to provide a place to relax at the same time, and strive to promote the business pairing of all parties, on-site for VIP buyers with large procurement needs to match high-quality suppliers, enhance the effectiveness of participation, fine and thoughtful service,Constantly meet the needs of customers.






At this point, the 2019 Chengdu Capital Expo will all be closed, thank you to guests, leaders, media, exhibitors, visitors and friends, next year.2019 Chengdu Capital Expo has all come to an end, once again thank you to the guests, leaders, media, exhibitors, visitors and friends of the strong support.

In 2020, Chengdu Will be brilliant 20 years,

Richer exhibitions, more effective industry events,

will continue a new burst, let's wait and see,

Looking forward to meeting you again next year!